Those who insist on superior products for any project will certainly appreciate our client list of suppliers. Our champion list includes Chemical Consultants Incorporated, Saati Print, Workhorse, International Coatings and Hix Corporation. We have compiled this small group or quality suppliers to insure that what you need is what you get when you need it!



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Workhorse Products



A leader in screen printing equipment, Workhorse provides production and deadline oriented equipment, presses, dryers/ovens, screen exposure units, stretch devices and flash cure units. They specialize in the all levels of the screen printing business and can even help you start a home based printing business with several packages.

Chemicals & Inks

Chemical Consultants Incorporated


This highly acclaimed company a wide range of products for large and small projects. They offer several lines of screen openers, adhesive removers, ink wash and more. They also have a wide range of frames, mesh along with press solvents and washes that are air quality compliant chemicals.

Saati Print

SAATI Emulsions

This international supplier with offices across Europe, China , Brazil and the United States is considered the leader development, production highly advanced textile and chemical products. Offering the best in emulsions for superior results.

International Coatings


Quality products, innovation and superior customer service have been the hallmarks of International Coatings Company for more than 50 years. A pioneer in the production of vinyl and urethane plastics, specialty coatings and adhesives, and a leader in the development of textile screen-printing inks, they have the product line, formulation capabilities and experience to make ideas a reality.

Island Graphic  and Screens Products


INKS International Coatings ICC
CCI Waterbase Ink CCI
CCI Discharge Ink CCI
CHEMICALS SaatiPrint ER2 Emulsion Remover SaatiPrint
SaatiPrint IR18 Ink Wash SaatiPrint
Saati Print ER6 5 gal. Dip Tank Solution SaatiPrint
CCI CG-4 Screen Wash CCI
CCI Blockout BlockOut CCI
CCI Nutralyze Fabric Degreaser Screen Degreaser CCI
CCI SR-97 Spot Remover 1 gal. Spot Remover CCI
CCI Top Bond Ahesive Screen Adhesive CCI
CCI GB2000 Haze Remover CCI
CCI EnviroLine All Products CCI
Pure Photopolymer SaatiPrint
SaatiPrint PC Blue Pure Photopolymer SaatiPrint
DW3 WR Dual Cure SaatiPrint
SCREENS AND MESH 20 X 24 Aluminum Screens w/Mesh
23 X 31 Aluminum Screens w/Mesh
Loose Mesh Bolts 61″ wide
Assorted Mesh Counts
SUPPLIES Waterproof Inkjet Film
Laser Film
PMI Blockout Tape 2″ & 3″
16 X 18 White Pellon
18 X 100 Pallet Tape
Mist Spray
Web Spray
Flash Mist Spray
Screen Opener
Screen Glue Activator
Screen Sccop Coater – Magi-Cote
EQUIPMENT Workhorse Products Workhorse Products