Finding the Right Emulsion

I have worked with many emulsions and have finally come across one that blows me away.  Saati PHU Blue emulsion is a pure photopolymer emulsion that you may use with water base inks or plastisol inks,  and is solvent resistant.  Screen exposure is 20 seconds with a 5K exposure unit and  should always be done with an exposure calculator to insure proper exposure. After the exposure, a post cure should be done.

When dealing with halftone printing,  Saati DW3 a dual cure emulsion  is the best  to use  for detailed printing.  It is also solvent resistant.

If you are using a non-solvent resistant emulsion and cleaning screens with Screen Opener or Mineral Spirits, it will cause screen breakdown. Use products like Saati IR18, and it will breakdown the inks for easy cleaning.

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