This step places your art work onto a screen and prepares it for printing. The process requires perfect timing, heat and other factors to insure that our screen will produce awesome prints.



Reclaiming requires several steps and chemicals remove haze tape and emulsions, strip inks and properly clean each screen to a reusable condition for future projects.

Exposure and Reclaiming Combination


Combine Exposure and Reclaiming services and save $10! This service is the best value.

New Frame Stretching

$15.00 plus cost of frame, plus cost of mesh.

This provides quality creation and preparation of new silkscreen frames. Add the cost of a frame of your choice for your project.

Stretch Mesh

$15.00 each frame

This process insures that your steel, nylon or polyester screen in properly taut to produce the finest printing results

Clean Screens


Each screen must be properly cleaned after each project. This service employs a variety of chemicals to insure your screens are properly cleaned.

Film Output

8.5 x 11 inches $10.00
11 x 17 inches $15.00
13 x 18 inches $20.00
17 X 22 inches $30.00

This process includes finest quality waterproof film. Several steps take the separated colors and produces positives on transparent film to be used in screen printing your project.

Vector Art Separations

$25 – $50 depending on project

This service involves the manual separation of all the colors in your vector art design. This process takes printing results into consideration to insure a successful project.